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14k Yellow Gold Inlay Titanium Ring Polished Finish in 5mm

Price: $174.99

Style # BMTB-221

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Product Description
This is a carat shape, color, clarity diamond, accompanied by a diamond grading report.

Loose Diamond Details

Diamond Information

Diamond shape is often confused with diamond cut; "cut" in diamond grading refers to the quality of the cutting technique, while "shape" refers to the style a stone is cut into (round, princess, etc.).
Carat Weight:Carat Weight

Carats are the units used to measure the weight of diamonds and other precious stones. This is sometimes confused with the term "karat", which refers to the pure gold content of gold jewelry.

Cut is generally considered the most important of the 4 C's, as the quality of the cut determines how well a stone will refract light. A bad cut can ruin a good diamond, while a diamond of less desirable color or clarity can be improved if the cut is good.

Diamond color is graded on a scale in which colorless diamonds are ideal and diamonds fall into different categories based on how much yellow hue is visible. This grading is applied to white diamonds, as certain colors of diamonds such as blue or pink are rarer and thus more valuable than colorless diamonds.

Clarity grading denotes the level of surface and internal flaws in a particular diamond. Inside, these are known as inclusions, and flaws on the surface are called blemishes. All naturally formed diamonds have some inclusions, so value is determined by how few are present.

The Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society are the two best regarded sources for providing diamond grading and certification.
Detailed Diamond Specifications

A diamond's depth is the measurement from the top surface (table) to the lowest point (culet), and the percentage used to express this measurement is in relation to the diameter of the stone's widest point (girdle). Depth directly affects cut grade.

The large horizontal facet at the highest point of a diamond, measured by its proportion to the girdle; a centered, well-proportioned table at the proper height is one of the most important factors affecting a diamond's cut grade and sparkle.

The polish is the smoothness of a diamond's surface as viewed at 10x magnification and is rated on a scale from Poor to Excelent.

How successfully the diamond cutter matched the placement, shaping, and size of opposing facets and other parts of the stone, based on a scale of Poor to Excellent as viewed at 10x magnification. In a diamond with excellent symmetry, all opposing segments are as close as possible to being exact mirror images.

A small flat surface on the underside of a diamond created by polishing the sharp point or edge in which the cut diamond ends; this is done to reduce the chances of damaging the stone. This is not necessary for every gem, and no culet or a very small culet is best; an oversized culet will be visible through the table and spoil the diamond.

A natural property found in about one third of diamonds that gives them a bluish tint in UV light; too much can make a stone appear cloudy and is considered undesirable in white diamonds (D-H color), but can sometimes improve the color of diamonds with yellowish tones.

This is the outer edge of the diamond at its widest point, and generally the part of the stone grasped by the setting. The girdle is graded by thickness and can be polished, unpolished, or faceted.

This is the length/width/height of a stone, expressed in millimeters.

Diamond Education


Certified Diamond Grading Report

A diamond grading report (a.k.a. diamond certificate) is issued by an independent gemological laboratory and details the diamond's specific characteristics found at the time of evaluation by the lab's experienced diamond graders.

Certified by
Certificate #: Certificate Number
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Happy Customers

"I just wanted to say I have no words to express how happy I am with quality craftsmanship that was put in to the engraving of this ring! Thank you to all involved with a job well done!" - Trey M., 1/28/2016

Happy Customers

"I received the ring yesterday. It is absolutely perfect. It is exactly what I envisioned. She is going to flip when she gets it. I am sure we will be in touch soon to work on a wedding band. Thanks so much again for all of your help!" - Jarod P., 12/8/2015

Happy Customers

"Just received the ring and it looks fantastic! Fingers crossed my gf thinks the same :) Thank you again for all of your help." - Josh B., 1/29/2016

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