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Halo Diamond Earrings

If you're looking for a gift that is meaningful and personal, halo earrings are an exceptionally great choice. With tons of dazzling sparkle from the diamonds that surround each of the center gemstones, each pair of earrings that are available are personalized choice with a gemstone that references the person who owns them because it specifically matches their tastes and fashion sense. Simple and beautiful, a pair of halo earrings is a piece of perfection that will put a smile on a dear person's face.

Princess Halo Studs with DiamondsHalo Studs with DiamondsFloating Amethyst Halo Drop Earrings
Princess Halo Studs with Diamonds

PHSED-03 - $985.00

Halo Studs with Diamonds

HSED-03 - $985.00

Floating Amethyst Halo Drop Earrings

HDE-02 - $1,235.00

Floating Blue Topaz Halo Drop EarringsFloating Citrine Halo Drop EarringsFloating Garnet Halo Drop Earrings
Floating Blue Topaz Halo Drop Earrings

HDE-04 - $1,235.00

Floating Citrine Halo Drop Earrings

HDE-03 - $1,235.00

Floating Garnet Halo Drop Earrings

HDE-05 - $1,235.00

Floating Peridot Halo Drop EarringsBlue Topaz Princess Halo EarringsHalo Studs with Blue Topazes
Floating Peridot Halo Drop Earrings

HDE-01 - $1,235.00

Blue Topaz Princess Halo Earrings

PHSEBT-03 - $2,175.00

Halo Studs with Blue Topazes

HSEBT-03 - $2,175.00

Halo Studs with CitrinesPrincess Halo Studs with CitrinesHalo Studs with Amethysts
Halo Studs with Citrines

HSEC-03 - $2,175.00

Princess Halo Studs with Citrines

PHSEC-03 - $2,175.00

Halo Studs with Amethysts

HSEA-03 - $2,178.00

Halo Studs with PeridotsPrincess Halo Studs with AmethystsPrincess Halo Studs with Aquamarines
Halo Studs with Peridots

HSEP-03 - $2,178.00

Princess Halo Studs with Amethysts

PHSEA-03 - $2,178.00

Princess Halo Studs with Aquamarines

PHSEAQ-03 - $2,196.00

Princess Halo Studs with PeridotsPrincess Halo Studs with Pink SapphiresMorganite Diamond Halo Stud Earrings
Princess Halo Studs with Peridots

PHSEP-03 - $2,196.00

Princess Halo Studs with Pink Sapphires

PHSEPS-03 - $2,196.00

Morganite Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

HSEMR-01 - $2,240.00

Halo Studs with AquamarinesHalo Studs with Black DiamondsHalo Studs with Pink Sapphires
Halo Studs with Aquamarines

HSEAQ-03 - $2,700.00

Halo Studs with Black Diamonds

HSEBD-03 - $2,700.00

Halo Studs with Pink Sapphires

HSEPS-03 - $3,600.00

Halo Studs with Blue SapphiresPrincess Halo Studs with Blue SapphiresHalo Studs with Rubies
Halo Studs with Blue Sapphires

HSEBS-03 - $3,600.00

Princess Halo Studs with Blue Sapphires

PHSEB-03 - $3,888.00

Halo Studs with Rubies

HSER-03 - $4,320.00

Princess Halo Studs with RubiesFloating Diamond Halo Drop EarringsFloating Morganite Halo Earrings
Princess Halo Studs with Rubies

PHSER-03 - $4,752.00

Floating Diamond Halo Drop Earrings

HDE-06 - $8,500.00

Floating Morganite Halo Earrings

HDE-07 - $1,800.00

Morganite Pear Drop EarringsTriangular Diamond Halo Earrings
Morganite Pear Drop Earrings

MRE-01 - $3,200.00

Triangular Diamond Halo Earrings

HSED-04 - $3,385.00

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Happy Customers

"We are absolutely ecstatic with the final product; the diamond is perfect for our needs. Thank you again for a job extremely well done! I look forward to doing future business with deBebians." - Teresa R., 7/5/12

Happy Customers

"Maggie was very helpful in advising him on purchasing a high quality, GIA certified diamond which I was the lucky recipient of. The stone is beautiful and I love how clear and sparkly it is, the quality really shows!" - S.K., 8/21/12

Happy Customers

"Jaclyn, I wanted to write you and let you know that I received my new ring yesterday in the mail and it is absolutely perfect!!! I would like to thank you again for your many efforts on my behalf..." - Meagan C., 6/9/12

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