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Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic wedding rings, featuring beautiful traditional knot work and Irish folk symbols like the Claddagh, are among the oldest forms of a special type of jewelry that denoted one's tribal, family, and trade affiliation. In a tradition that dates back millennia, Celtic jewelry artisans are still known today for their fine design and amazing crafting of exquisite Celtic wedding bands for men, along with many more types of jewelry. Celtic rings in gold or platinum, which quickly become a treasure to people who own them, are known for their uniqueness, beauty and symbolism.


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These styles of gold and platinum mens Celtic rings, which were actually inspired by the history and culture of several ancient tribes inhabiting Western Europe, draw upon the rich traditions of the people who settled in Ireland centuries ago. The most popular design motifs for mens Celtic wedding bands like those seen here have a long history, as do the techniques employed by the artisans creating our handmade mens Celtic wedding rings. The ancient Celts developed a tradition of telling stories and communicating universal themes, their affinity for nature, and important events from their history and mythology through instantly recognizable pictograms. A number of these symbols, including knotwork designs, stylized animal totems, triskeles, and spirals have survived to the present day and can be seen on many forms of Celtic wedding rings. Like the earliest forms of Celtic band, which were used ceremonially and in trade throughout the known world, the Celtic knot ring of today is still admired for its beauty, intricacy, and symbolism of eternal love and fidelity. The nature based belief system of their time is still observed and revered by many people of Celtic descent, and several styles of Celtic wedding ring also incorporate the Celtic cross (also known as St. Patrick’s cross) to reflect how the coming of Padraig and Catholicism to the ancient isles also shaped Celtic history.
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Happy Customers

"I just wanted to say I have no words to express how happy I am with quality craftsmanship that was put in to the engraving of this ring! Thank you to all involved with a job well done!" - Trey M., 1/28/2016

Happy Customers

"I received the ring yesterday. It is absolutely perfect. It is exactly what I envisioned. She is going to flip when she gets it. I am sure we will be in touch soon to work on a wedding band. Thanks so much again for all of your help!" - Jarod P., 12/8/2015

Happy Customers

"Just received the ring and it looks fantastic! Fingers crossed my gf thinks the same :) Thank you again for all of your help." - Josh B., 1/29/2016

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