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Loose Gemstones

In addition to diamonds, we also have loose gemstones available that can be purchased as the center stone for any of our settings. Each stone is one of a kind and offers great value for their price. Currently we have assorted morganites available with more gemstones coming soon. Note: The images below are samples images of stones of that shape and color. Videos are available for each stone for a better representation of what they actually look like.

7.21 ct Elongated Cushion Morganite2.79 ct Round Morganite0.94 ct Round Morganite
7.21 ct Elongated Cushion Morganite

LG-721M - $1,874.60

2.79 ct Round Morganite

LG-279M - $725.40

0.94 ct Round Morganite

LG-094M - $244.40

1.72 ct Round Morganite3.12 ct Round Morganite1.32 ct Round Morganite
1.72 ct Round Morganite

LG-172M - $447.20

3.12 ct Round Morganite

LG-312M - $811.20

1.32 ct Round Morganite

LG-132M - $343.20

2.19 ct Cushion Morganite2.65 ct Elongated Cushion Morganite2.48 ct Cushion Morganite
2.19 ct Cushion Morganite

LG-219M - $569.40

2.65 ct Elongated Cushion Morganite

LG-265M - $689.00

2.48 ct Cushion Morganite

LG-248M - $694.80

1.48 ct Cushion Morganite1.80 ct Heart Morganite5.00 ct Heart Morganite
1.48 ct Cushion Morganite

LG-148M - $384.80

1.80 ct Heart Morganite

LG-180M - $468.00

5.00 ct Heart Morganite

LG-500M - $1,300.00

1.84 ct Heart Morganite1.66 ct Heart Morganite1.40 ct Heart Morganite
1.84 ct Heart Morganite

LG-184M - $478.40

1.66 ct Heart Morganite

LG-166M - $431.60

1.40 ct Heart Morganite

LG-140M - $369.00

2.25 ct Oval Morganite1.67 ct Oval Morganite3.84 ct Oval Morganite
2.25 ct Oval Morganite

LG-225M - $585.00

1.67 ct Oval Morganite

LG-167M - $434.20

3.84 ct Oval Morganite

LG-384M - $998.40

2.62 ct Oval Morganite5.29 ct Oval Morganite3.00 ct Pear Morganite
2.62 ct Oval Morganite

LG-262M - $681.20

5.29 ct Oval Morganite

LG-529M - $1,375.40

3.00 ct Pear Morganite

LG-300M - $780.00

1.76 ct Pear Morganite3.23 ct Pear Morganite2.35 ct Pear Morganite
1.76 ct Pear Morganite

LG-176M - $457.60

3.23 ct Pear Morganite

LG-323M - $839.80

2.35 ct Pear Morganite

LG-235M - $611.00

1.54 ct Pear Morganite
1.54 ct Pear Morganite

LG-154M - $400.40

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Happy Customers

"I just wanted to say I have no words to express how happy I am with quality craftsmanship that was put in to the engraving of this ring! Thank you to all involved with a job well done!" - Trey M., 1/28/2016

Happy Customers

"I received the ring yesterday. It is absolutely perfect. It is exactly what I envisioned. She is going to flip when she gets it. I am sure we will be in touch soon to work on a wedding band. Thanks so much again for all of your help!" - Jarod P., 12/8/2015

Happy Customers

"Just received the ring and it looks fantastic! Fingers crossed my gf thinks the same :) Thank you again for all of your help." - Josh B., 1/29/2016

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